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First single - out now...

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Coming soon...

La Luna

The Album


A soft breeze, caresses a moonlit shore.

Beads of sand, shifting, glinting - in the bejewelled night.

I feel the sand between my toes, the heady air transports me to nights on silk pillows. Love was, is, ever-present. 

In the hope clothed in a stolen kiss, that you will see me as I really am, and love me in my nakedness: I stand before you now. 

My hair wild and brazen in the wind.

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Come Home


It's all in your head now, it's all in your head.

Stop blaming yourself and come up for air!

In the middle of the night, drowned in despair - come back to me, back to me, home to me, I'll wait for you.

It's alright, tonight, you're gonna be alright. it's just tonight.

Telling yourself to give up. Let your dreams drown, become nothing but dust.

Hold up your head now, breathe deep in your lungs; shout out into the night, "I am enough!"

There is nothing, you need to do, to prove that truth. 

So illuminate all of our eyes, with your burning up!

Like stars in the sky, we live a life alight but fleeting. So while we're alive, let's really breathe and feel our hearts beating.

You'll never know how much gold you hold in secret, until you let go of all the fears that would keep it.

So go on now, break out and run the distance. Let life find you, laughing, holding hands and kissing!

They'll be time enough, to live all the moments,

That you've been dreaming of, holding in your wholeness.


Come Darlin', come home to me now.

Come Darlin', come home to me now.

Come Darlin', come home, come home.




Meet me down at the bay,

The boat sets sail,

Don't be too late, I won't wait for you!

'Cause I'm going home. And I know, the wind will carry me there.

I belong to the sky, the Earth, and the water.

Your can't hold me back, I'm not yours to hide!

You can stay with me a while, but then, you'll have to let me go. 

Like a fish in the sea, he lay me down, then set me free.

Stole a fin from my tail, turned around and set sail. 

If you're comin' with me, that won't be you. That can't be me.

So hold on to my hand, and don't let go.

What comes next, who knows?

But you'll always be just fine, lying here next to me


Don't forget, I belong to the sky, the Earth and the water, you can't hold me back, I'm not yours to own. 

No, no.

You can share the air and the sea with me. I will help you learn, to breathe, in the deep.


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