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A poem: When You Heal Them, You Heal Me

Draw and paint me said Mother Earth!

Brings my essence and my Beauty to people's hearts and minds.

Remind them of the Paradise in which they reside.

Show them, what they're longing for, dwells within.

When you lay your hands upon God's creatures, you hold me, said Mother Earth.

When you comfort other people, when you heal them, you heal me.

When you kiss your beloved, you kiss the stars, the moon and the galaxy.

All the abundance of life that dwells within me.

So paint me, said Mother Earth, every star, and seed, and flower.

Sing the melodies you hear in the trees, and in the bend of rose petals in the breeze.

Leaving nothing unturned, unloved, un-cherished or undiscovered.

Fling your arrow of life into the blustering wind and gallop with a courageous heart, across Time.


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