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A poem: Shimmering Scales

We're all like lighthouses,

lighting together the dark seas.

So we can swim deep, like mermaids,

seasoned travellers of murky and mysterious waters.

Navigate the tides by the moon,

hand in hand, arm in arm, each in our beautiful uniqueness.

No pearlescent scale alike,

No mermaid's song repeatable.

Shining together, we bathe in light so bright it heals all who come upon it.

Calling our sisters home, to rest, to bathe, to love and be loved.

Each on her own mythical journey through this unrepeatable life.

Look how your unique gift, your pearl, shines in the palm of your hand under the moon's gaze.

Feel how she lifts your eyes to the skies, as the ocean holds your feminine body in her watery embrace.

Ⓒ Zoë ATKINSON FIENNES text and images


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